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Custom Dental Crowns and Caps

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Dental crowns in Pittsburgh, PALarge cavities, fractures, and chips can leave your teeth weak and vulnerable. If left unprotected, your teeth have a greater risk of fracturing whenever you bite or chew.

Fortunately, you don't have to pull entire teeth or stick to an all-liquid diet. When you come to the Pittsburgh Dental Spa in Pittsburgh, PA, our dentist can fit you with beautiful, strong dental crowns that look and feel like natural teeth.

Strengthen and Protect Your Teeth

Dental crowns, or caps, fit over your existing teeth, forming a protective shell and shielding your teeth against bacteria and damage. Additionally, dental crowns hide severe stains and discoloring, improving the appearance of your smile.

If you need dental crowns, we'll complete the procedure in two visits. We'll start with applying local anesthetic to reduce pain and promote relaxation. We'll drill out any decay and make an impression of the tooth. We'll then fit you with a temporary crown while we construct a permanent crown that matches your surrounding teeth.

During your next visit at our Pittsburgh, PA office, we'll apply anesthetic again and remove your temporary crown. We'll apply the permanent crown and adjust as needed. Once we feel confident the tooth is in place, we'll cement the crown to your original tooth. If necessary, we can polish and reshape the crown to achieve the perfect bite and fit.

After the procedure, your new crown will look and function just like your other healthy teeth.

Before ceramic crowns in Pittsburgh, PAAfter ceramic crowns in Pittsburgh, PA

A real patient before and after receiving ceramic crowns. Which ones do you prefer?

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At Pittsburgh Dental Spa, we want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, whether you need a simple cleaning or a more complex root canal. If you have any questions about dental crowns, don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff members. We'll gladly address your concerns and provide straightforward, easy-to-understand answers.

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Carmen up front is the nicest person ever! First time I met her she was running around doing many jobs and still being oh so sweet. Dr. Kelly is just as amazing! They truly make you feel comfortable and the atmosphere is amazing. Highly recommend!!

Brianna Bangs

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