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Pittsburgh Dental Spa offers the following complimentary spa amenities for your relaxation and comfort:

Dental Massage ChairsMassage Chairs

Imagine lying down to get your dental work completed and having the same relaxing experience as going to a spa. With the dental massaging chairs at Pittsburgh Dental Spa that is just what you get - a relaxing, stress-free experience. The chairs will assist you in reducing your anxiety; giving you a calming sensation.



Pittsburgh Dental Spa adds the relaxing smell of aromatherapy to your visit. With our 100% pure essential oil diffusers and candles, you will experience the soothing smells that will make this a dental experience you will never forget.

Our scented neck wraps offer you support to your neck during your dental visit while it also provides you with relaxing comfort .

Enjoy our eye masks which will soothe your tired eyes as you enjoy your dental stay with our office.


Sound TherapyNoise-Cancelling Headphones

Enjoy sound therapy while you have your dental work completed. Sound therapy provides a relaxing soothing environment to create a calm atmosphere. Choose from Sirius XM radio, birds singing, ocean waves and many more. Sound therapy will provide you with the relaxing environment you need to assist you during your visit at Pittsburgh Dental Spa.

Noise cancellation headphones provide you with near silence during your dental visit at Pittsburgh Dental Spa. As you experience the noise cancellation system, it will be easy to forget that you are at the dentist.


Pittsburgh Dental Spa's own Lip BalmLip Balm

At Pittsburgh Dental Spa we know that the overall health of your mouth is important, so we offer lip balm after a visit to our office. Our complimentary lip balm comes in fabulous flavors, like Coconut, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Root Beer and Watermelon. Each balm is SPF 15 and contains aloe vera!


Paraffin Hand TreatmentParaffin Hand Treatment

Paraffin Hand Treatments soften hands, improve circulation, rejuvenate skin coloring, and ease joint stiffness. Paraffin Hand Treatments are relaxing and soothing. The warm wax seems to melt stress away and is a great addition to any dental treatment.


Balloon Animals - a Dental Spa Exclusive!Balloon Animals

Carmen, our Creative Coordinator, makes balloon animals for our young patients. This is a spa service for children, which definitely soothes their anxiety. Troy is enjoying his new PDS puppy.


Soothing Dental Spa DecorSoothing Dental Spa Decor

Enjoy the relaxing, soothing sounds of our water fountains. The calming sound of water against rocks, the soothing colors, the aroma of pure essential oils, the soft music, the candle light — all add to the ambience at Pittsburgh Dental Spa. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Reviews from real patients:

Great kind understanding dentist and staff! Nothing but good vibes and experience! Just had sedation dental procedure all went well. All employees are helpful and kind! Highly recommend this place.

Susan Cobiseno

Pittsburgh Dental Spa
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