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Digital X Rays

Digital X rays Pittsburgh, PAAt a glance, your teeth may look healthy. When you smile, people can't help but comment on how straight and white your teeth seem.

But dental care involves more than the surface of your teeth. If you want to stop decay in its tracks, you need to carefully monitor every aspect of your mouth, from your tooth's enamel, dentin, and root to your gum's gingiva, periodontal ligaments, and alveolar sockets.

At Pittsburgh Dental Spa, our dentist will closely assess your oral health via traditional and digital x-rays in Pittsburgh, PA. These devices enable us to find wisdom teeth, bone loss, and cavities that you can't see at a glance.

Catch Decay Early

When you come in for cleaning and treatment, we'll start your visit with one or more of the following:

  • Bitewing. These x-rays display the lower and upper back teeth as well as their alignment.
  • Periapical. These x-rays focus individual teeth in their entirety, from the root to the crown.
  • Occlusal. These x-rays show the mouth's floor or roof.
  • Panoramic. These x-rays present a larger view of the sinuses, jaws, and joints.
  • Digital. This type of x-ray records the same information present in the other x-ray types, but it saves the information on a computer rather than on a film.

Keep in mind that we use traditional and digital x-rays in Pittsburgh, PA based on your age, risk for disease, and other dental problems we may find. For example, we may use bitewing x-rays during basic checkups but full-mouth periapical x-rays during your first trip to our office.

Schedule Your Appointment

At Pittsburgh Dental Spa, we want you to feel comfortable whenever you come to see us. If you have concerns about our traditional or digital x-rays in Pittsburgh, PA, don't hesitate to question our staff. We'll gladly explain how the machines work as well as techniques we use to minimize discomfort.

To schedule an appointment, call 412-200-2614 or fill out the form to the right.

Reviews from real patients:

If heaven had dentist offices…. this would be one of them. Dr. Runco and his every one of his staff are amazing at making a patient feel comfortable. I just underwent a pill sedation procedure and I am happy to say that I was pretty much knocked out through the entire thing. As someone who would cry and shake going into a dental appointment before, I cannot believe that my fears have been eliminated now. I was also pleasantly surprised by how reasonable the pricing is for such an exceptional place. I never thought I would be able to afford sedation dentistry before. There is not a single thing I would change about this place, other than the fact that it is a little far from me, but it’s well worth the drive.

Jamie Garsa

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