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Dental Implants at the Pittsburgh Dental Spa

Anti-Microbial Irrigation and Rinses

Irrigating the whole mouth need not take longer than five minutes. The plaque below the gums is not sticky like the plaque above the gums. The purpose of the irrigator is to distribute an antimicrobial agent deep to the bottom of the pocket, not to pressure clean the mouth. For most people irrigating is easier than flossing. It requires less dexterity, you don’t need small fingers and you don't have to open your mouth as wide.

Micro-Ultrasonic Therapy

Micro-ultrasonic instruments produce a phenomenon called cavitation to disrupt the activities of disease causing pathogens (bugs, germs). When ultrasonic cavitation bubbles collapse (implode), they release enough energy to destroy pathogens and, literally, blast the plaque from the tooth! This allows the immune system to once again assert itself in self-defense. Gums stop bleeding. Bone stops receding. Infection is arrested. Tissues regain their firm, pink glow of health. Additional benefits of the slimmer micro-ultrasonic tips is a more thorough removal of calculus bacteria in hard to reach areas and improved comfort due to less sensitivity, resulting in less apprehension.

Periodontal Maintenance

Pittsburgh Dental Spa has several ways to treat periodontal (gum) disease, which is infection to gums or surrounding soft tissue caused by a build up of bacteria. The best way to prevent such infections is to practice good brushing, flossing, and nutrition everyday, but when the infection is too deep more extensive measures are needed. Infections begin in small crevices where the tooth meets gum, and can appear as only minor swelling or bleeding. As the infection progresses however, it moves deeper below the gum line where it forms large pockets of bacteria in and around the roots of the tooth. If these are left untreated they will decay the bones of the tooth and jaw, which may require extractions. Bleeding gums indicate an infection in the mouth and should be a cause for concern. Gums that bleed allow for bacteria to enter the blood stream and travel to other parts of your body where infection can set in.

Scaling and Root Planing

Pittsburgh Dental Spa offers scaling and root planing to restore gum health. This procedure is done to remove excess plaque and bacteria that has formed on the tooth and around the gum line. Using an ultrasonic scaler, periodontal hand scalers, or curettes, our dental hygienist will carefully scrape along the visible surface of the tooth, which removes any plaque and also helps to smooth the tooth surface so it is more resistant to build up in the future. Depending on the exact condition of the teeth, such as if infection has set in below the gums, the patient may require a deep cleaning. This involves performing scaling and planing on the root of the tooth below the gum line. At Pittsburgh Dental Spa our dental hygienist takes extra care to be very gentle while she performs this, and many patients feel no pain as the tools gently slip between the tooth and gum, but a mild anesthetic is sometimes used if it helps to relieve patient stress.

Antibiotic Therapy

Periodontal procedures performed at Pittsburgh Dental Spa (such as scaling and root planing or pocket reduction) are used to treat gum disease. To improve their overall effectiveness Dr. Runco may decide to use an adjunctive antibiotic therapy. These antibiotics, taken in combination with the initial procedure, will greatly reduce the risk for infections to return by killing the problem causing bacteria. This will also help complete the healing process more quickly.

Reviews from real patients:

If heaven had dentist offices…. this would be one of them. Dr. Runco and his every one of his staff are amazing at making a patient feel comfortable. I just underwent a pill sedation procedure and I am happy to say that I was pretty much knocked out through the entire thing. As someone who would cry and shake going into a dental appointment before, I cannot believe that my fears have been eliminated now. I was also pleasantly surprised by how reasonable the pricing is for such an exceptional place. I never thought I would be able to afford sedation dentistry before. There is not a single thing I would change about this place, other than the fact that it is a little far from me, but it’s well worth the drive.

Jamie Garsa

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