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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery at the Pittsburgh Dental Spa


When you were 6, losing a tooth was a rite of passage, perhaps achieved by incessant tooth jiggling, biting into a crisp apple, or tying a string around the tooth and giving it a tug. As an adult, tooth loss is hardly cause for celebration, yet having a tooth pulled is sometimes necessary.

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Dental Implants

At Pittsburgh Dental Spa, we provide personalized cosmetic dentistry options like dental implants. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, we serve the surrounding area as well to bring you the best available implant dentistry and other forms of cosmetic dentistry available. If you have suffered tooth loss, then visit our implant dentist to restore your smile.

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Reviews from real patients:

Great kind understanding dentist and staff! Nothing but good vibes and experience! Just had sedation dental procedure all went well. All employees are helpful and kind! Highly recommend this place.

Susan Cobiseno

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