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Beautiful Cosmetic Dentistry in Coraopolis, PA

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Professional Whitening System

At Pittsburgh Dental Spa, we also provide in-office professional teeth whitening options. Stains often come from things you eat or drink like coffee, tea, or tobacco. They can also be caused by age and some antibiotics. Our office has laser tooth whitening options available to reverse the effects of stains, and we’ll find the best for you.


Ceramic Bridgework

A ceramic bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth. To do this, we put dental crowns on the healthy teeth to the sides of the missing tooth. These crowns have another crown that looks like your missing tooth between them to give the appearance of seamless natural teeth.


Dental bonding is used to change the shape of teeth and repair decay among other uses. At Pittsburgh Dental Spa, we use a tooth-colored resin to help you improve your smile. This process is fairly quick and straightforward, often only taking one visit.