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Before & After

Dr. Tim Runco is proud of the beautiful smiles he has been able to create through the latest treatment techniques and technology. We are pleased to share before and after photos from some of his most satisfied patients.


Ryan Jones - BeforeRyan Jones - After


Ryan had three crowns on his teeth that were placed as a child. These existing crowns were the result of an accident. The look of the dental crowns had always bothered him and made him self-conscious. His new crowns are made with all ceramic and no metal. This allows the new crowns to appear natural to the naked eye. We blended bonding material on his lateral incisor to enhance his smile.

Toni Krance - BeforeToni Krance - After


Toni went to five other dentists before finding Pittsburgh Dental Spa. She was actually thinking about dentures, but Dr. Tim recommended saving her teeth. She completed all her dental treatment the same day with sedation. Toni is very pleased with her new smile and friends tell her she looks ten years younger.

Dave Mariato - BeforeDave Mariato - After


Dave was starting a new job and wanted his old decaying bridge replaced. He waited so long because of his strong gag reflex to dental xrays. We were able to take xrays with our state-of-the-art gag-free xray machine. He is thrilled with the results.

Christina McGrath - BeforeChristina McGrath - After


Chris neglected her teeth for years because she was so scared and frightened of the dentist. She was able to get all her dental work completed with oral sedation, which made a drastic improvement.

Reviews from real patients:

Great kind understanding dentist and staff! Nothing but good vibes and experience! Just had sedation dental procedure all went well. All employees are helpful and kind! Highly recommend this place.

Susan Cobiseno

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